Picture this: it's 7am on a Monday morning in Phoenix, Arizona.

You just drove to Encanto park with 3 of your roommates, and it's way too cold to get outside of the car.

(It's only 60 degrees outside, but we're in Phoenix, so that's basically freezing.)

Eventually your mom knocks on the car window, telling you to get out, so you do.

Still waking up, you walk the distance from the parking lot to the pickleball courts and slowly come to life as you whip the pickleball dangerously fast towards your mother on the other side of the net.

This was me last year, except that last part....mostly...(love you Mom!)

Every Monday a group of us would play pickleball at Encanto park. It was a mix of neighbors, friends, and family.

As we played more frequently, we began to realize that pickleball was an awesome way to meet people and grow community.

At the same time, our faith influences all aspects of our life, and we want to do everything we can do to share about our relationship with Jesus to others.

In this environment, what could be better than playing pickleball with a paddle that sparks conversations about what you believe?

This is how the Here Pickleball was born.

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