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Early Bird Reservation - Jesus Knows you by Name

Early Bird Reservation - Jesus Knows you by Name

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This Early Bird Reservation guarantees that this Christian faith-based Pickleball Paddle will get to your house before Christmas Eve!

Why reserve your paddle now?

This $10 reservation gets you $20 off the paddle, and you will get it in time to gift it to friends and family <3

  1. Guarantee to get your paddle by December 22nd (United States only!)
  2. Act fast, these are limited!
  3. Pay $10 now, get $20 off the first paddles (basically, we are giving you $10 for being early!!)
  4. Free shipping when you reserve now.
  5. Be the first to have a Glory Pickleball Paddle, which is so cool.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If the paddle doesn't turn out how you expected (which it won't) you can return it in 30 days, no questions asked.

How will the reservation work? (and how much will the paddle cost?)

Once the paddles are ready to be shipped out of our distribution center (aka our living room), you will receive an email (or text) with a coupon code to purchase the paddles with your early bird discount.

You will receive a $20 discount code that will apply to the "JESUS KNOWS YOU BY NAME" paddle, which will retail for $60. This means the paddle will be $40 after the discount code is applied.

Including this reservation, the paddle will be $50 total, with free shipping!

Radical Giving

We will be giving away all revenue generated from this paddle to YoungLife to help fundraise money to get kids the opportunity to have a transformative week at YoungLife Lost Canyon.

That was not a mistake, we said revenue, not profit. A sponsor has decided to pay for the cost of the paddle and shipping so that every dollar you spend will be donated to YoungLife! (That's why this launch is limited to 200 paddles!)

About the Design

JESUS KNOWS YOU BY NAME // Do not fear sorrow, for He is with you, in the hurt and the heartbreak.

Those of us who've been in relationship with Jesus for a long time know that He created us to have relationship with him. We know that God knows us more intimately than we even know ourselves.

Sadly, for many people in the world, a personal relationship with God doesn't even seem like an option.

So to be confronted with the fact that Jesus Knows You By Name, it strikes right at the heart of what many people wrestle with today; loneliness.

What is greater than being known and loved by God? Nothing. This truth is amplified by hard and difficult things. Many people go through life without the hope that comes with a personal relationship with Jesus. God didn't just create you to leave you alone, he created you to flourish in relationship with him and with others. Especially through the hurt and the heartbreak.

We hope this design can prompt conversation about your relationship with God and how Jesus has been with you through the hurt and heartbreak in your own life.

About Us

Glory Pickleball Paddles is on a mission to be the go-to faith-based design Pickleball Paddle company. Everything we do is an opportunity to share about Jesus with others. Evidence of our faith is shown in the way we talk, the way we walk, and even the way we pickle.

Thank you for supporting us!

Catch you on the flip flop, 

Christian and Ryan

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